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15 November 2020

Nursery Room Tour

Sharing photos and sources for our nursery room décor! 

Okay parents, word is there are LOT'S of pregnant mama's out there right now due to the recent quarantine situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic! If you have a little one on the way, these sources are for you!

There is something so exciting about setting up your nursery and walking into it after its set up, only to dream about bringing your little one home and all the time that will be spent in it changing diapers, feeding, rocking, singing lullabies, reading books and the list goes on.   I am someone who loves feeling good when I walk into my babies room, however, I also like designing the space on a budget (because let's be serious, kids are expensive enough as is). Below I'm sharing photos of our baby nursery and all the sources that wont break the bank! 

I designed our baby nursery for our daughter with a relaxed, scandinavian/bohemian inspired style and a light and neutral palette (which is definitely gender neutral for all those keeping your little ones gender a surprise)! Lighter colors and finishes allow a room to feel more 'airy' which in the case of a baby's room feels dreamy without being over-stimulating.  Adding texture such as rugs, pillows, linens, curtains  and baskets also help any room feel more cozy and warm. I wanted there to be a delicate balance of cozy and clean. 


Its no secret I love wall shelves. I love having the ability to layer photos while also adding visual interest with small décor items.  The shallow-depth shelves are my favorite for displaying photos, however a larger floating shelf offers the ability to layer photos and décor items with greater depth.   

Allowing for a lighter palette in a space makes any presence of color pop in the room - this is the case with the wool felt pom pom garland I added to the floating shelf which adds a more playful approach being that it is a child's room.  Although I simply loved the look of this pom pom garland, my daughter is equally fascinated by it when I'm changing her - she loves having something overhead to look at! 

Design is all about the details! I found this macrame wall hanging tapestry on sale for $15 and I couldn't resist it! I created an asymmetrical look using geometric shapes to create visual interest and
a less formal/uniform look on this wall. 


Thanks for checking out this room tour!

All the available sources for furniture and decor are linked below!! Click to view. Enjoy!


Crib, Floating Vanity, Wall Shelves, Picture Frames, faux sheepskin rugs, basket for fiddle leaf, faux lavender and planter

Bear frame and print

Wood mountain decor, wool pom pom garland

Change pad cover

Triangular wall decor 

Macrame tapestry, rug, pillow basket, frames, kids rocking chair, linens



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