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27 October 2020

2021 Kitchen Trends

Current & Up-and-coming 2021 Kitchen Trends 

When it comes to kitchens, we have so many choices from cabinetry design, orientation, colors, finishes, patterns, lighting … and the list goes on. As design trends constantly change and evolve, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever changing ‘trends’ of design, especially when you are making choices for something so permanent and expensive like a kitchen.  Luckily, we also learn from design trends and some changes are positive as they offer more functional and reliable choices as we move forward in the design world. The following are current and up-and-coming trends for 2021 kitchen design.  

Solid Surface Stone Backsplash

 [source: Cosentino]

  [source: Liljencrantz Design]

 [source: unknown]

Whether its quartz, marble or glass, these solid surface one-piece splashes offer a gorgeous, clean look! And can we talk about functionality for a second!? No grout lines, which is a major bonus near sinks and stoves. Depending on finish color and pattern, using these solid surface backsplashes can offer a focal point for the kitchen, or offer a clean and simple look for cabinets or the island to be the focal point.


2. Wood Cabinetry

[source: @mayawong]

[source: Disc Interiors]

 [source: Becki Owens]

There was a time when we lived through the golden oak cabinetry era of the 80’s/90’s and people wanted a big change in a major way [enter dark and white cabinetry].  With the residential design world constantly evolving, there are more options than ever for cabinet style, finishes, colors and profiles, and with that, wood cabinetry is back (and better than ever!). Matte and natural looking woods offer warmth and visual interest to spruce up any kitchen! 

3. Colored Cabinetry and Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinetry

[source: The House of Silver Lining]

  [source: Sarah Sherman Samuel] 

After the ever-popular navy made its way into kitchens and island features, greens and black are currently seeing a rise in color options for kitchens. Incorporating colored cabinetry on the lower cabinets helps ground the kitchen, where then white or light wood uppers or exposed shelves can be used to offer a more open feel up top. 

4. Brushed Gold and Matte Black Finishes

  [source: Grohe]

Up until a few years ago, gold and matte black finishes were hard to come by, which is hard to believe given their surge of manufacturing the past couple of years. Due to the rise in color and finish options for cabinetry, hardware, countertops and appliances, people want options that suit the overall aesthetic of their kitchen design, and these colors offer just that!

5. No Hardware

  [source: divesandollar.com]

As modernism makes headway into design, people are choosing minimalism and more simple options for their kitchens. Flat faced cabinetry that doesn’t offer the same look with an exposed handle or pull has led people to choose push open/close door options. A more modern look, but certainly gaining traction with kitchen design. 


6.  Concrete Cast Islands and stone waterfall edges

 [source: caesarstone]

  [source: Sandra Fox Interiors]

  [source: homedeco.nl]

Let’s face it, kitchen islands get a lot of traffic which means natural tendency for more wear and tear, dents and paint chips. Not only does a smooth finish solid surface on the island offer more durability and resistance than wood cabinetry, it also offers a clean, finished and seamless look. 

7. Double Islands

  [source: House of Jade Interiors]

 [source: unknown]

Being mindful that not all homes allow for adequate space for a double island, they are certainly an amazing choice if you do have the space! I love the idea of an island space for sitting that is somewhat disconnected from the main food prep, but close enough to still feel connected.  This trend has been gaining favor and becoming seemingly more popular. 

8. Black Stainless Appliances

 [source: cnet.com]

Matte black/black stainless appliances offer a bold look in kitchen design, and depending on the surrounding kitchen features, can offer a more seamless look than stainless steel appliances.  These appliances are considered fairly new, so options can be limited and prices not always feasible, however, I project that as they become more popular, options and prices will allow these appliances to be more readily available.  


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