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02 April 2019

Wild Child Room Tour!

Black and White Wild Child Room Tour! 

I don't know about all you other moms, but I constantly find myself dreaming up my kids room themes and have the most fun putting their rooms and spaces together! I love being able to walk into their rooms and feel immersed into a different setting than the rest of the house! 

When we moved into our current home, my son was three and man oh man was he ever wild!! Not only was this his next birthday theme, but I decided to implement this fun wild child theme mixed with edgy black, white and wood decor to complete the look. Although I love this theme for my son, the black and white decor makes it completely unisex. Check out the photos below!


Wall Galleries have got to be one of my absolute favorite decorating schemes. For this wall gallery, I mixed framed photos with geometric boxes and a shelf. Mixing different shapes and depths allows more visual interest than the typical framed wall gallery. 


With dressers, console tables or cubbies, I try to keep decor near the back or sides of the furniture piece. This allows for enough decor but eliminates the feeling of it being too cluttered with the center section being open and clean. 


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Thanks for checking out this room tour!