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27 March 2019

2019 Pillow Trends!

Timeless fabrics and patterns that make these pillows your 2019 must haves!

I LOVE pillows. when creating a cozy space they are such a valuable asset to home decorating and decor. They complete the look of a couch, chair, bench or reading nook the same way peanut butter goes with jelly, cookies with milk, batman goes with robin ... you get the point. Pillows add warmth and texture to a space without being an expensive or unchangeable design purchase. When I want to change up the look of my space, I tend to move my pillows around my house and layer them together in different ways to achieve a new look. 

As an avid pillow collector, I've gathered some of my favorite pillow styles (and brands!) to look out for!

1. The Citizenry

2. Magnolia Market

3. Anthropologie 


These thick textured Pillows add warmth, depth and personality to a plain furniture piece! They add a natural/organic feel to a space and are super on trend for 2019!




If you have never heard of Loom Goods before you need to check out their site! Their Mod cloth Pillows are absolutely to die for! Everything from their neutral classic palettes and patterns to shape and size, these pillows are sure to compliment any space! I'm obsessed with the simple nature of their pillows as well as the other decor items on their site. 

Check them out here --> Loom Goods 


For More Mud cloth pillows and decor ideas, check out osxnasozi ! Their Assortment of trendy, laid-back pillows and decor is all the rage!




Carly Zolmer