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15 January 2018

Favorite Home Exteriors - Then and Now!

Timeless home exteriors that are always on trend!

So, its 2018 and trends are ever-changing once again! Due to the quick rate of design trends targeting the consumer industry, my favorite design elements in and outside of a house are ones that hold on to their style and character by offering timeless solutions.  Natural Woods, simple design elements, muted or neutral tones and authentic historic styles all play a part in preserving our homes and spaces. To demonstrate trends and how the elements of historic styles play a large role in preserving our homes, take a look at some of my favorites from both then and now!

Farmhouse Style

 Modern Day Farmhouse by Crate and Cottage


Farmhouse Circa 1785 (right addition added in 1840)

Almost 200 years difference between these homes, the classic Farmhouse style encompassing white siding, an elongated facade and patterned beams are a sure style trend that will never outgrow its humble authentic roots. 


Mid-Century Modern

Modern day redesigned 1950's Mid-Century Modern Home by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

The Brande's Usonian style home Circa 1952 by the infamous Frank Lloyd Wright

When designed flawlessly, a mid-century home has the ability to stand the test of time with regards to style trends. The open, airy, transparent and natural aspects of a mid-century home are timeless features making everyone jaw-drop at its inevitable beauty.  Its sleek, geometric lines offer an architectural space that feels both clean and modern. 


Craftsman style 2-storey by Platt Architecture

Craftsman style home circa 1909

Some of the most common modern day homes we see encompass the elements of craftsman style.  Today many people choose from an array of siding colors however I am objectively drawn tot the white exterior (both for its look and authentic look). 


Modern day Victorian beauty by Southern Living

Victorian style home circa 1898

The timeless look of a Victorian home is above all my absolute favorite.  From the pitched roof lines to the white exterior siding, the Victorian era has me all kinds of in love.  With a modern day classic using white siding with black framed windows (like the above posted photo) it will be a sure winner that will impress for centuries. I also love the cozy feel of the open wrap around porch. 



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