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30 November 2017

Christmas Tablescape

Check out the details for how I'll be decorating my table for Christmas dinner!

Okay guys, this will be my first year hosting Christmas dinner (or any major dinner for that matter) and its got me all sorts of crazy. I am already prepping pies and cookies and looking up the best spice blends for my turkey. The other factor about Christmas however that is so important to me is the decor, and my table is no exception! I have always loved the details that make the season so amazing - the lights, greens and festive decorations! Creating the right ambiance and putting the work in for that one perfect moment is what makes it all worth it. SO, this year I have blended together some of my favorite elements to create my perfect Christmas tablescape! Take a look!

I tried to evoke the Christmas theme using muted colors but with festive items. To me, candles are a must! There is no other light that creates that perfect mood like the flicker of a flame. Fresh greens are something I never used much in my home prior to this year, and I don't think I will ever not use them again - I love them!!! The smell, the look, everything about them screams Christmas and yet they are not bulky like some of the faux garland I have.  Other simple details I used were glass votives and small white ceramic houses.  In our family, we do not serve our dinner at the table, but rather it is in a separate area to which we serve ourselves and then sit down. Because of this reason, I was able to create a linear centerpiece that fills the middle of the table.  If your family serves food on the table, my suggestion would be to create one larger individual centerpiece in the middle of the table that your food can be placed on either side of, OR two smaller individual centerpieces on the left and right middle of the table where food can be placed in-between. 


I love using white dishes when it comes to nice family dinners, as food pops against the white surface. I layered my dishes on a gold charger plate for a little but of a contrast.  Lastly, I need to say, my absolute FAVORITE aspect of decorating for the holidays (or any other event) is my chandelier. If you have a light over your table, decorating it enhances the space drastically when the decor is elevated.  Because my chandelier is circular, it was easy to wrap the garland around it. I then placed some small red berries in for some added visual contrast. Initially I added red napkins to this scheme, but because the decor is fairly neutral and muted, the napkins stood out too much and became the focus of the table instead of the linear centerpiece. 

See sources below for how to get this look! 

Pillar Candles and Candle Holders

Glass Votives

Ceramic Light-Up Houses (I actually found mine at Home Sense, so I have linked another site where they are available) 

Fresh Greenery and Charger Plates (Check your local grocer)


I hope you enjoy your Christmas celebrating the joys of the season with family and friends! Thanks for stopping by!