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16 November 2017

Holly Jolly Home Decor!!

Looking for the perfect holiday decor for your home? Look no further with some of my favorites on this one stop shop!

Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm already almost finished decorating for Christmas and wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas finds with you all this year! One of my favorite online stores to source home decor from is Joss and Main, as they provide an array of home decor products of many different types and styles! Below I have sourced some of my favorite holiday decor from their site to bring you a one stop shop for easier shopping this year!


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1. Ornaments

2. 3-Piece Tea Light Holder Set

3. Christmas Sign

4. Christmas Pillow

5. Snowy Spruce Tree

6.  3-piece Galvanized Buckets

7. Christmas Banner


Holiday Ornaments

Every year I seem to accumulate more and more ornaments (which is fine for this Christmas fanatic!) and the ones that never grow old in this house are my gold colored glass ornaments.  Whether I add additional pops of color such as red or white accents to my tree, gold ornaments have proven to be a timeless choice for the main scheme. I also love how the gold glimmers against the tree lights! The ornaments posted above offer both a gorgeous color and shape!


Holiday Home Decor 

Lets be honest, Christmas decor can be expensive! Something I try to keep in mind each year when I purchase holiday decor is to buy items that are not necessarily 'trendy' by color and style, but rather items that offer a timeless look so I can enjoy my items for more than just a couple seasons.  I use my items in different places and ways each year to keep it exciting as well! The house tea light holders, pails and Christmas banner above all come in a galvanized material (perfect for that farmhouse decorating!), offering a subtle and simple Holiday look.  The 'Merry Christmas' wood sign and pillow both extend timeless holiday colors and patterns - perfect for the avid Christmas go-getter looking for some pops of color.   

Christmas Trees

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to their Christmas Tree - Real or Fake? Green or Snowy? Spruce or Pine? Wide or Skinny? Tall or Short? ... this is starting to sound like an online dating ad. Annnyways.. The point is there are a lot of choices when picking that perfect tree.  I personally have an artificial green tree and although I absolutely love the look of the snowy pine, I do not yet have one.  The whimsical snowy pine I have posted above has me all in love and is also a great price for anyone looking to get one! 

Enjoy your Holiday decorating!